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Hardware Hack #27

Ever spend hours planning a project, down to the details of every screw or bolt, only to discover later that the hardware you need isn’t commonly available from commercial sources? This happened to me, far too late into the project to change the design to work with the hardware I could find. That’s when my

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Planning your Project – Part 5: Creating a “Plan”

Ever hear of “Ted”? He’s that guy that fills your email inbox with offers of 16000 woodworking plans on DVD, for only a few dollars. Of course, those plans are generally ripped of from various places on the internet, if they exist at all. The “Teds” of the world aren’t doing the rest of us

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Planning your Project – Part 4: Your time

Previous installments in this ‘Plan your Project’ series have covered the initial concept, detailed design, and estimating materials. Now it’s time for the part most hobbyists and new entrepenures find most difficult:  Estimating and charging for time. If you stop to think about it, you probably realize that some amount of human labor goes into

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