The Stupidity of Desperation

Ever get yourself so deeply involved in a problem, that you will try something crazy to solve it?

I know it happens to everyone on occasion. You decide to incorporate a new feature or technique into your project, and commit too far to change directions. Then, you discover your tool set or skill set is inadequate. Or, like me, you dive into a project of ‘epic’ proportions before you accept the fact that your ‘unimposing’ tools aren’t up to the task.

My project involved working with components that were far larger than the capacity of (some of) my machines. Yes, there is always a method for doing the job with simple hand tools, but time was dragging out quite a bit. So, I decided to take the adage of ‘take the tool to the wood’ to a whole new level.

Yes, I realize this is a bit senseless. However, it isn’t as crazy as it seems. The table of this benchtop machine is a few inches longer than my Stanley #7 jointer plane. With the fence adjusted toward the center a bit, it was quite stable on the 2 inch wide edge of the plank. Holding it by the ends of the tables kept my hands and other bodyparts farther from the cutters than normal operation does. All told, it did exactly what I hoped it would.

However, I immediately reverted to hand planes, for one simple reason. If I had managed to cause even a slight bobble as the machine passed over the board, it would have caused a deep gouge that I preferred to avoid.

Moral of this story: don’t let desperate times lead you to desperate measures.

Until next time,

Savor the Sawdust!

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