Hardware Hack #27

Ever spend hours planning a project, down to the details of every screw or bolt, only to discover later that the hardware you need isn’t commonly available from commercial sources?

This happened to me, far too late into the project to change the design to work with the hardware I could find. That’s when my inner “MacGuyver” kicked in, and I came up with a technique to easily modify the hardware I could find into something I could use.

My case is simple, only requiring a change of inner diameter of some washers. Hopefully, this tip will illustrate how to solve minor problems in order to keep your project moving.

My solution involved making a “clamping block” from a scrap chunk of wood. The block held a stack of several washers rigidly in place, so they could be drilled out to the proper diameter. Simple and effective, using tools and materials at hand.

Watch a quick (and somewhat cheesy) video of the process here:

Click here if you don’t see the embedded video.

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