Creator, Maker, Producer or Builder?

Random thought ….

What does a label mean? Do you call yourself a “Content Creator”, or a “Maker”? I actually prefer the terms “Builder” or “Producer”.  My personal belief system tells me that to “create” means to cause something to exist, where nothing existed before. I am not comfortable assuming that title, as there is absolutely nothing I can produce that does not require SOMETHING to start with.  “Maker” is a little better, although some dictionaries lump it in with “creator”.

In my mind, there is only ONE “Creator”, who provided all the materials from which I “Produce” other forms.

Call me a “Re-arranger”, or “Builder”, or “Producer”. I can live with any of those. “Maker”, maybe, but that is becoming somewhat clichè.

Henceforth, I shall be known as “MR McCormick, Builder of tools and furnishing, Producer of digital content”

I like it!

P.S. – My wife says I am over-thinking. “Build it, and they will come.”
P.P.S. – She came back about an hour later and said, “You know that’s a sports metaphor, right?  You know, build a baseball field, and players will appear?”   

Yep. I get it.

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