The Shaker Side Table

A very early Fine Furniture project, this table has a few customizations that diverge, somewhat, from the prototypical Shaker style.

This piece features hand-cut dovetailed drawers, mortise & tenon construction, and lightly tapered legs. It is a bit shorter and wider than the typical side table, as it was built to fit the requirements of a specific room arrangement.

The base and top are Walnut, while the drawer box is made from hard maple.

I learned a lot during (and after) the building of this piece. I discovered that hard maple is incredibly sensitive to changes in humidity, as the thin, solid maple bottom panel of the drawer would go from flat, to “potato chip” shaped, and back to flat as the weather changed before I assembled the drawer. Thankfully, the drawer has been quite stable since it was moved into a controlled environment.

Style-wise, the legs would have looked a little better with more taper along the length. I sized the top to fit my application, but in retrospect, it looks a bit over-sized for the piece. The most apparent style change I would make, were I to build this piece again, is to change the orientation of the top, so the end grain doesn’t show in front. This might also be accomplished with breadboard ends, but those tend to have their own set of difficulties.

All in all, I was quite pleased with how this turned out. It looks nice, is quite sturdy, and has been gracing my living room since it was built. If my wife and I ever decide to change the decor, I feel confident there will be a family member eager to have this as a hand-me-down!


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